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Dick Curless

Tombstone Every Mile

Stonin' Around by Dick Curless

Dick Curless Live At The Wheeling Truck Driver's Jamboree

The Last Blues Song

Hard, Hard Travelin' Man

Doggone It

Comin' On Country

Welcome To My World

Traveling Through

Dick CurlessClick here to listen to A Tombstone Every Mile

Born Richard William Curless on March 17, 1932 in Fort Fairfield, Dick Curless acquired early musical experience as a member of the Trail Blazers and as the "Tumbleweed Kid" on radio in Ware, MA.

From 1951 through 1954, Dick hosted a program on the Armed Forces Network as the "Rice Paddy Ranger."  Upon his return to Maine, Dick worked clubs around Bangor.  In 1957, a winning performance on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts led to bookings in Southern California and Nevada.

Fighting health problems throughout his life, Dick's involvement on the music scene was intermittent.  In the late '50's, Dick recorded sides for Tiffany, but then illness forced him to the sidelines.  Following recovery, Dick resumed his career in Maine.

After recording A Tombstone Every Mile on Allagash, Dick signed with Tower in 1965, before being switched to the parent Capitol label in 1970.  During the Tower years, Dick joined the cast of the Wheeling Jamboree, toured with Buck Owens, and sang on the soundtrack of Killer's Three.

After departing Capitol in 1973, Dick headed home to Maine.  In 1984, Dick moved back to Nashville to be closer to the music scene.  In 1990, Dick relocated to Branson, before returning to Maine 1992.  During this time, Dick recorded for smaller labels such as Belmont, Rutabega, and Interstate.

In December 1994, Dick made his final recordings for Rounder and named the album "Traveling Through".   He also had the opportunity to listen to the album shortly before his passing from inoperable stomach cancer on May 25, 1995.

Dick's top 40 singles include:
    A Tombstone Every Mile (1965 on Allagash)
    Six Times A Day (The Trains Came Down) (1965 on
    All Of Me Belongs To You (1967 on Tower)
    I Ain't Got Nobody (1968 on Tower)
    Big Wheel Cannonball (1970 on Capitol)
    Hard, Hard Traveling Man (1970 on Capitol)
    Drag 'Em Off the Interstate, Sock It To 'Em, J.P.
     (1970 on Capitol)
    Loser's Cocktail (1971 on Capitol)
    Snap Your Fingers (1971 on Capitol)
    January, April, and Me (1972 on Capitol)
    Stonin' Around (1972 on Capitol)

Dick's discography includes:
    Songs of the Open Country (1958 on Tiffany)
    Singing Just for Fun (1959 on Tiffany)
    I Love to Tell a Story (1960 on Tiffany)
  Hymns (1965 on Tower)
    A Tombstone Every Mile (1965 on Tower)
    A Devil Like Me Needs an Angel Like You (1966 on
    The Soul of Dick Curless (1966 on Tower)
    Travelin' Man (1966 on Tower)
    At Home With Dick Curless (1967 on Tower)
    All of Me Belongs to You (1967 on Tower)
    Ramblin' Country (1967 on Tower)
    The Long Lonesome Road (1968 on Tower)
    The Wild Side of Town (1968 on Tower)
    Doggin' It (1971 on Capitol)
    A Tombstone Every Mile (1973 on Capitol)
    Live at the Wheeling Truck Driver's Jamboree (1973 on
    The Last Blues Song (1973 on Capitol)
    Welcome to My World (1989 on Rutabaga)
    It's Just a Matter of Time (1990 on Stetson)
    Traveling Through (1995 on Rounder)
    A Tombstone Every Mile (1996 on Bear Family)
    Drag ' Em Off The Interstate, Sock It to Em J.P.
 Blues:  The Hits of Dick Curless  (1998 on Razor & Tie)
    Hard, Hard Traveling Man (2000 on Bear Family)


A Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless      The Drag 'Em Off The Interstate Hits of Dick Curless      Hard, Hard, Traveling Man by Dick Curless
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