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Jerry Reed

Smell The Flowers & Jerry Reed by Jerry Reed

Alabama Wild Man & Explores Guitar Country by Jerry Reed

Cookin & Better Things In Life by Jerry Reed

Georgia Sunshine & Oh What A Woman by Jerry Reed

Hot A'Mighty & Lord Mr. Ford by Jerry Reed

When You're Hot & Ko Ko Joe by Jerry Reed

Essential Jerry Reed

Super Hits by Jerry Reed

Country Legends by Jerry Reed

Here I Am by Jerry Reed

Guitar Man by Jerry Reed

Pickin' by Jerry Reed

Flyin' High by Jerry Reed

Lord Mr. Ford by Jerry Reed

Hot A' Mighty by Jerry Reed

Jerry ReedClick here to listen to Eastbound and Down by Jerry Reed

Born on March 20, 1937 in Atlanta, GA, Jerry Reed Hubbard's recording career began in 1955 after a friend with the police force introduced him to Bill Lowery.

'During the next three years, Jerry cut a combination of country and rockabilly tracks for Capitol.

From 1959 through 1961, "The Guitar Man" served in the Armed Forces before moving to Nashville to further his songwriting career.

In 1962, Jerry recorded for Columbia.   Three years later, Jerry signed with RCA.

As a songwriter, Jerry's compositions have been recorded by Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, and Brenda Lee.  A hot picker, Jerry recorded three albums with Chet Atkins.

Jerry's appeared on the big screen in the Smokey and the Bandit trilogy, High Ballin', and Gator.

Jerry's passed away on August 31, 2008 after a long illness.

Jerry's top 40 singles include:
  •  Tupelo Mississippi Flash (1967 on RCA)
  •  Remembering (1968 on RCA)
  •  Are You From Dixie (Cause I’m From Dixie Too) (1969
     on RCA)
  •  Talk About the Good Times (1969 on RCA)
  •  Georgia Sunshine (1970 on RCA)
  •  Amos Moses/The Preacher And The Bear (1970 on
  •  When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (1971 on RCA)
  •  Ko-Ko Joe (1971 on RCA)
  •  Another Puff (1971 on RCA)
  •  Smell The Flowers (1972 on RCA)
  •  Alabama Wild Man (1972 on RCA)
  •  You Took All The Ramblin’ Out of Me (1973 on RCA)
  •  Lord, Mr. Ford (1973 on RCA)
  •  The Uptown Poker Club (1974 on RCA)
  •  The Crude Oil Blues (1974 on RCA)
  •  A Good Woman’s Love (1974 on RCA)
  •  Let’s Sing Our Song (1975 on RCA)
  •  Semolita (1977 on RCA)
  •  East Bound and Down/(I’m Just A) Redneck In A Rock
     And Roll Bar (1977 on RCA)
  •  You Know What (1978 on RCA (with Seidina)
  •  Sweet Love Feelings (1978 on RCA)
  •  (I Love You) What Can I Say/High Rollin’ (1978 on RCA)
  •  Gimme Back My Blues (1978 on RCA)
  •  Second-Hand Satin Lady (And A Bargain Basement
     Boy) (1979 on RCA)
  •  (Who Was The Man Who Put) The Line in Gasoline
     (1979 on RCA)
  •  Sugar Foot Rag (1979 on RCA)
  •  Age/Workin’ At The Carwash Blues (1980 on RCA)
  •  Texas Bound and Flyin’ (1980 on RCA)
  •  Patches (1981 on RCA)
  •  The Man With the Golden Thumb (1982 on RCA)
  •  She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) (1982 on RCA)
  •  The Bird (1982 on RCA)
  •  Down On The Corner (1983 on RCA)
  •  Good Ole Boys/She’s Ready For Someone To Love Her
     (1983 on RCA)
  •  Hold On, I’m Comin’ (1983 on RCA) (with Waylon

Jerry's discography includes:
  •  The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed (1967
      on RCA Victor)
  •  Nashville Underground (1968 on RCA)
  •  Alabama Wild Man (1968 on RCA Victor)
  •  Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country (1969 on RCA)
  •  Better Things in Life (1969 on RCA)
  •  Lookin' at You (___ on Capitol
  •  Cookin' (1970 on RCA)
  •  When You're Hot You're Hot (1971 on RCA)
  •  Ko-Ko-Joe (1971 on RCA)
  •  Georgia Sunshine (1971 ON RCA)
  •  Me & Jerry (1971 ON RCA)
  •  I'm Movin' On (1971 on Harmony)
  •  Me & Chet (1972 on RCA)
  •  Oh, What a Woman! (1972 on RCA Camden)
  •  I'm a Lover Not a Fighter (1972 on Hilltop)
  •  Smell the Flowers (1972 on RCA)
  •  Jerry Reed (1972 on RCA)
  •  Hot A'Mighty (1973 on RCA)
  •  Lord, Mr. Ford (1973 ON RCA)
  •  The Uptown Poker Club (1973 on RCA)
  •  Just to Satisfy You (1973 on RCA)
  •  The Best of Jerry Reed (1973 on RCA)
  •  Tupelo Mississippi Flash (1974 on RCA Camden)
  •  Half Singin' & Half Pickin' (1974 on RCA)
  •  Live at Exit Inn (1974 on RCA)
  •  A Good Woman's Love (1974 on RCA)
  •  Paper Roses (1974 on RCA)
  •  Jerry Reed in Concert [live] (1975 on RCA)
  •  Mind Your Love (1975 on RCA)
  •  Red Hot Picker (1975 on RCA)
  •  Alabama Woman (1976 on RCA)
  •  Both Barrels (1976 on RCA)
  •  East Bound & Down (1977 ON RCA)
  •  Smokey & the Bandit (1977 on MCA
  •  Jerry Reed Rides Again (1977 on RCA)
  •  Sweet Love Feelings (1978 on RCA)
  •  Reedology (1978 on RCA)
  •  The Hits of Jerry Reed (1978 on RCA)
  •  Jerry Reed Sings Jim Croce (1980 on RCA)
  •  Texas Bound and Flyin' (1980 on RCA)
  •  Dixie Dreams (1981 on RCA)
  •  The Best of Jerry Reed (1981 on RCA)
  •  The Bird (1982 on RCA)
  •  The Man with the Golden Thumb (1982 on RCA)
  •  Live from Gilley's (1982 on LG)
  •  20 of the Best (1982 on RCA)
  •  Ready (1983 on RCA)
  •  Jerry Reed's Greatest Hits (1984 on RCA Victor)
  •  Collector's Series (1985 on RCA)
  •  Sneakin' Around (1991 on Columbia)
  •  Flyin' High (1995 on Southern)
  •  The Essential Jerry Reed (1995 on RCA)
  •  Super Hits (1997 on RCA)
  •  When You're Hot You're Hot/Ko-Ko-Joe (1997 on
  •  Gilley's Unreleased Performance of Jerry Reed (1997 on
  •  Guitar Man (1997 on Camden)
  •  Pickin' (1999 on Southern)
  •  Here I Am (1999 on Bear Family)
  •  Alabama Wild Man/Jerry Reed Explores Guitar... (2000
     on One Way)
  •  Better Things in Life/Cookin' (2000 on One Way)
  •  Georgia Sunshine/Oh, What a Woman! (2000 on One
  •  Smell the Flowers/Jerry Reed (2000 on One Way)
  •  Hot A'Mighty/Lord, Mr. Ford (2000 on One Way)
  •  RCA Country Legends (2001 on Buddha)
  •  Golden Classics Edition (____ on Collectables
  •  Rockin' with the Guitar Man (____ on Revival)
  •  My Best to You (____ on RP)
  •  What Comes Around (_____ on Capitol)
  •  Country Kicks (____ on Rigu)

Links include:
  •  Jerry Reed (Official Site)

Alabama Wild Man by Jerry Reed      Explores Guitar Country by Jerry Reed      Ko-ko Joe by Jerry Reed
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