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Del Reeves

Greatest Hits and More


Signature Series

Del Reeves Album

The Best Of Del Reeves

Gettin Any Feed For Your Chickens

Del Reeves Sings Girl On The Billboard

Del Reeves Down At Good Time Charlie's

His Greatest Hits

I'll Take My Chances

The Little Church in the Dell

Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield

Del ReevesClick here to listen to Girl On The Billboard

Born Franklin Delano Reeves on July 14, 1933 in Sparta, NC, Del Reeves was the youngest of 11 children.

At the age of 12, Del was hosting a radio show.

After attending Appalachia State College in Boone, NC, Del joined the USAF and was stationed at Travis Air Force Base in California.

While in the Golden State, Del appeared on the Chester Smith Show from Sacramento.  In 1958, three singles were released on Capitol. 

After leaving the service, Del stayed in California and hosted the Del Reeves Country Carnival and started writing songs with his wife, Ellen which were cut by Roy Drusky, Carl Smith, and Sheb Wooley.

Del signed to Decca in 1961, and moved to Nashville in 1962.  By 1963, Del was recording for Reprise.  In 1964, Del recorded for Columbia. 

In 1965, Del joined the United Artists roster and achieved his first charttopper with Girl On The Billboard.  In 1966, Del became a member of the Grand Ole Opry and made his last appearance on the Opry stage in 2002.

On January 1, 2007, Del passed away after a lengthy illness at the age of 74.  A memorial service is planned.


Del's top 40 singles include:
  •  Be Quiet Mind (1961 on Decca)
  •  He Stands Real Tall (1962 on Decca)
  •  The Only Girl I Can’t Forget (1963 on Reprise)
  •  Girl On The Billboard (1965 on United Artists)
  •  The Belles of Southern Bell (1965 on United Artists)
  •  Women Do Funny Things To Me (1965 on United
  •  Getting’ Any Feed For Your Chickens (1966 on United
  •  This Must Be The Bottom (1966 on United Artists)
  •  The Private (1967 on United Artists)
  •  A Dime At A Time (1967 on United Artists)
  •  Wild Blood (1968 on United Artists)
  •  Looking At The World Through A Windshield (1968 on
     United Artists)
  •  Good Time Charlie's (1969 on United Artists)
  •  Be Glad (1969 on United Artists)
  •  There Wouldn’t Be A Lonely Heart in Town (1969 on
      United Artists)
  •  Take A Little Good Will Home (1969 on United Artists)
      (with Bobby Goldsboro)
  •  A Lover’s Question (1970 on United Artists)
  •  Land Mark Tavern (1970 on United Artists) (with Penny
  •  Right Back Loving You Again (1970 on United Artists)
  •  Bar Room Talk (1971 on United Artists)
  •  Working Like The Devil (For The Lord) (1971 on United
  •  The Philadelphia Fillies (1971 on United Artists)
  •  A Dozen Pair of Boots (1971 on United Artists)
  •  The Best Is Yet To Come (1972 on United Artists)
  •  Lay A Little Lovin’ On Me (1973 on United Artists)
  •  On The Rebound (1976 on United Artists) (with Billie Jo  Spears)

Del's discography includes:
  •  Del Reeves Sings Girl on the Billboard (1965 on United
  •  Doodle-Oo-Doo-Doo (1965 on United Artists)
  •  Del Reeves Sings Jim Reeves (1966 on United Artists)
  •  Santa's Boy (1966 on United Artists)
  •  Gettin' Any Feed for Your Chickens? (1966 on United
  •  Special Delivery (1966 on United Artists)
  •  Struttin' My Stuff (1967 on United Artists)
  •  Six of One, Half-A-Dozen of the Other (1967 on United
  •  The Little Church in the Dell (1967 on United Artists)
  •  Looking at the World Through a Windshield (1967 on
     United Artists)
  •  The Best of Del Reeves (1967 on United Artists)
  •  Running Wild (1968 on United Artists)
  •  The Wonderful World of Country Music (1969 on
  •  Down at Good Time Charlie's (1969 on United Artists)
  •  The Best of Del Reeves, Vol. 2 (1969 on United Artists)
  •  The Very Best of Del Reeves (1969 on United Artists)
  •  Big Daddy Del (1970 on United Artists)
  •  The Del Reeves Album (1972 on United Artists)
  •  Before Goodbye (1973 on United Artists)
  •  Live at the Palomino Club (1974 on United Artists)
  •  By Request: Del and Billie Jo (1976 on United Artists)
  •  10th Anniversary (1976 on United Artists)
  •  Greatest Hits (1994 on Razor & Tie)
  •  Gospel (1996 on King)
  •  20 Golden Good Time (1996 on Playback)
  •  Del Reeves (____ on Koala)
  •  Let's Go to Heaven Tonight (____ on Koala)
  •  Baby I Love You (____ on Bear Family)
  •  The Best of Del Reeves (____ on Capitol)
  •  10 Gold Hits (____ on Laurie)
  •  Silver Anniversary Album (____ on Laurie)

Mr. Country Music       Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other       Strings and Things

Struttin' My Stuff       10th Anniversary       Trucker's Paradise

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