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Since the first recording of Truck Driver Blues in 1939 by Cliff Bruner, trucker music has grown in popularity around the world especially in North America, Europe, and Australia. 
Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice in Smokey & The Bandit
The Songs

Here is a sampling of  trucking songs heard over the past decade on programs like the XM Convoy & Hammerdown Radio:


  • A Cowboy's Just A Cowboy
  • A Few Good Rides Away
  • A Kiss And The Keys
  • A Man With 18 Wheels
  • A Special Kind of Breed
  • A Tombstone Every Mile
  • A Truck Driver's Romance
  • A Truck Driver's Sweetheart
  • A Trucker's Bride
  • A Trucker's Just A Cowboy
  • A Trucker's Life
  • Addicted To A Truck
  • Alaska Highway Driver
  • Alcan Run
  • Alcohol and 2 Diesel
  • All I Do Is Drive
  • All Night Country Radio
  • Almost Home
  • Alone In the Still of The Night
  • America Moves By Truck
  • American Made
  • Asphalt Cowboy
  • Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Driving


  • Backin To Birmingham
  • Bakersfield Awaits Me
  • Ballad of A Truck Driver's Wife
  • Ballad of Billy Wheeler
  • Ballad of Thunder Road
  • Bethelem, PA
  • Big Ben Dorsey The Third
  • Big Bertha The Truck Driving Queen
  • Big Footed Dan
  • Big Hearted Trucker In A Good Lookin' Hat
  • Big Mack
  • Big Mack's Off The Blocks
  • Big Old Mack
  • Big Rig
  • Big Rig Blues
  • Big Rig Christmas Tree
  • Big Rig Rollin' Man
  • Big Wheel
  • Big Wheel Cannonball
  • Big Wheels in the Moonlight
  • Big Wheels Keep Rollin'
  • Big Wheels Sing For Me
  • Big Wheels Turnin'
  • Big Wheels Will Roll For Me No More
  • Billinudgel
  • Black Smoke A Blowin' Over 18 Wheels
  • Blazing Diesels
  • Blazing Smokestack
  • Blue Blue Christmas
  • Blue Pacific Rig
  • Bluegrass Truck Driver
  • Bonnie Jean
  • Boomaroo Flyer
  • Bootlegger King
  • Border To Border
  • Born To Be A Trucker
  • Bound For Glory
  • Breaker 1-9
  • Breakker Breaker One Nine
  • Bride of a Trucker
  • Bring Him Home Safely To Me
  • Broke Down South Of Dallas
  • Brothers Of The Highway
  • Buckhorn Truck Stop
  • Bud The Spud
  • Bulldog Mack
  • Bullshippers




  • C.B. Savage
  • Caffiene, Nicotine, & Benezdrine
  • California Slipped My Mind
  • California Turn Arounds
  • Callin' Baton Rouge
  • Canadian Trucker
  • Can't Remember When I Slept Last
  • Carrying Your Love With Me
  • Chick Inspector
  • Chicken Truck
  • Christmas Comes On Eighteen Wheels
  • Christmas Convoy
  • Christmas Eve on Highway 83
  • Cledus's CB Lingo Dictionary
  • Coffee Jim
  • Cold Shoulder
  • Come Home Daddy Concrete Cowboy
  • Concrete Sailor
  • Connie
  • Convoy
  • Convoy In The Sky
  • Country Run
  • Country Truck Driving Man
  • Country Western Truck Driving Singer
  • Cowboy Of The Highway
  • Curves & In Betweens


  • D.J. Memphis Joe
  • Dad Will Be Home For Christmas
  • Danger! Road Train
  • Dear Santa
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Deutschland Autobahn
  • Diesel Cafe
  • Diesel Dazey
  • Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan
  • Diesel Driving Daddy
  • Diesel Driving Woman
  • Diesel Gypsy
  • Diesel Made For Two
  • Diesel On My Tail
  • Diesel Smoke & Cigarettes
  • Diesel Smoke on Danger Road
  • Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
  • Diesel, Diesel, Diesel
  • Different Kind of Breed of Truck Driver
  • Dispatcher It’s Time To Send Me Home
  • Dixie Fireball
  • Dixie Trucker's Home
  • Don't Go To Sleep On The Road
  • Drag ' Em Off The Interstate Sock It to 'em J.P. Blues
  • Driver
  • Drivin' 55
  • Drivin' All Night Long
  • Drivin Fool
  • Drivin' My Life Away
  • Drivin' Trains
  • Drivin's In My Blood



  • East Bound and Down
  • Easy Ride
  • Eight More Miles to Louisville
  • Eighteen Big Old Wheels
  • Eighteen Wheel Millennial Blues
  • Eighteen Wheeler Fever
  • Eighteen Wheels
  • Eighteen Wheels & A Crowbar
  • Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses
  • Eighteen Wheels And the Open Road
  • Eighteen Wheels Hummin Home Sweet Home
  • Eighteen Wheels Of Loving
  • Eighteen Wheels On A Big Rig
  • Eighteen Wheels Roll On
  • End Of The Road
  • Endless Black Ribbon
  • Ethelene, The Truck Stop Queen
  • Exit 93


  • Fifteen Gears and Fourteen Wheels
  • Ffity Tons On Your Back
  • Flat Faced Diamond T
  • Flatbed Annie, The Truck Drivin' Queen
  • Flying Saucer Man
  • Free Spirit
  • Freightliner Fever


  • Gas Pump Jockey
  • Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller
  • Gear Jammer
  • Gear Jammer and the Hobo
  • Genuine Truck Driving Man
  • Giddy-Up Go
  • Giddy-Up Go Answer
  • Girl On The Billboard
  • Girl Who Loves To Drive A Truck
  • Give Me 40 Acres
  • Give Me Back The Road
  • Go Back
  • Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
  • Gone Home For Christmas
  • Good Luck 'N' Good Truckin' Tonight
  • Gooseball Brown
  • Gotta Get Back
  • Gotta Keep Moving
  • Gotta Keep Rollin'
  • Green Truck Driver's First Experience With Radar
  • Guardian Angel
  • Guitar Pickin' Truck Driver
  • Guitar Town
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Featured CDs
In Overdrive by Aaron Tippin (Country Crossing)

In Overdrive
Aaron Tippin

Diesel Made For Two by Chris Sprague (Spinout Records)

Diesel Made For Two
Chris Sprague

Hammer Down by Chris Sprague (18 Wheeler/Wichita Falls Records)

Hammer Down
Chris Sprague

Truckin' Sessions by Dale Watson (Koch Records)

Truckin' Sessions
Dale Watson

Truckin Sessions, Vol. 2 by Dale Watson(Hyena)

Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2
Dale Watson

American Trucker by Dave Dudley

American Trucker
Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun by Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
Dave Dudley

The Drag 'em Off The Interstate Hits by Dick Curless

The Drag 'em Off the .....
Dick Curless

I'll Pick The Guitar, You Drive The Truck by Leland Martin

I'll Pick The Guitar, ...
Leland Martin

Truckers for Troops by Leland Martin

Truckers For Troops
Leland Martin

Roll Truck Roll by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Roll Truck Roll
Red Simpson

The Best of Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer by Red Simpson (Razor & Tie)

The Best of
Red Simpson

Truck Drivin' Fool by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Truck Drivin' Fool
Red Simpson

20 All Time Greatest Hits by Red Sovine

20 All Time Greatest Hitsl
Red Sovine

Sittin' On 80 by Slim Dusty

Ssttin' On 80l
Slim Dusty

Kickin' Asphalt by Various Artists

Kickin' Asphalt

On The Road Again by Various Artists

On The Road Again

Rig Rock Deluze, A Salute to the American Truck Driver by Various Artists

Rig Rock Deluxe

Truck Driver's Boogie, Big Rig Hits by Various Artists

Truck Driver's Boogie ....

Trucker's Jukebox by Various Artists

Trucker's Jukebox


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