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Since the first recording of Truck Driver Blues in 1939 by Cliff Bruner, trucker music has grown in popularity around the world especially in North America, Europe, and Australia. 
Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice in Smokey & The Bandit
The Songs

Here is a sampling of  trucking songs heard over the past decade on programs like the XM Convoy & Hammerdown Radio:


  • Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver
  • Haulin' For the Double T
  • Haulin' Freight
  • Haulin' Mistletoe
  • Have Wheels Gotta Roll
  • Heaven
  • Heaven in Baltimore
  • Help Me Joe
  • Herschel's Hemi Half Ton
  • Hey Driver
  • Hey Mr. DJ
  • Hey Shirley
  • Hey Truckie!
  • High Heels for 18 Wheels
  • Highway 40 Blues
  • Highway Harmony
  • Highway Junkie
  • Highway Man
  • Highway's Callin Me
  • Hillbilly Truck Driving Man
  • Him and Me
  • Hitch Hiking Girl
  • Home Along The Highway
  • Home Cookin'
  • Home To Houston
  • Home, Home On The Road
  • Homing Pigeon
  • Hot Black Coffee
  • Hot Springs
  • How Fast Them Trucks Can Go
  • Hummin Cummins
  • Hurtin' Albertan


  • I Burn Up The Roads I Drive On
  • I Can Take It From Here
  • I Don't Give A Truck
  • I Don't Want My Sister To Be A Truck Driver
  • I Got A Beaver On My Lap
  • I Gotta Get Home To My Baby
  • I Like Trucks
  • I Love My Truck
  • Idaho Red
  • If You Touch Me
  • I'll Be Going Home To Momma
  • I'll Pick The Guitar You Drive The Truck
  • I'm a Truck
  • I'm A Trucker
  • I'm A Woman At The Wheel
  • I'm An Easy Rider
  • I'm An Old Truck Driver
  • I'm Coming Home
  • I'm Fixin' To Have Me a Breakdown
  • I'm Laid Over At Heaven's Gate
  • I'm Married To My Bulldog Mack
  • I'm Proud To Say I Drive A Truck
  • I'm Thankful
  • In My Eyes
  • Independent Trucker
  • Interstate
  • Interstate Cannonball
  • It's Never Too Hard To Be Humble
  • It's The Miles
  • I've Been Everywhere
  • I've Come Awful Close
  • I've Got A Reason
  • Ive Trucked All Over This Land


  • Jack Knife
  • Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe
  • Joe's Truck Stop
  • Johnny Overload


  • Keep On Truckin'
  • Keep Those Big Wheels Hummin'
  • Kick The Kenny
  • Kickin' Asphalt
  • Kilometres Are Still Miles To Me
  • King of the Open Road
  • King Of The Road
  • King Of The Roadtrains


  • Lady Driver
  • Last Run To Memphis
  • Late Night Radio
  • Lay Me Down A Truck Driving Man
  • Leaving It All Behind
  • Legend Of The Highway
  • Legend of the Lady Bear
  • Let This Trucker Go
  • Let's Truck Together
  • Listen Betty
  • Little Joe
  • Little Pink Mack
  • Little Trucker
  • Load Me Up
  • Log Trucker's Lament
  • Lone Star Blues
  • Lonesome Feeling
  • Lonesome Truck Driver
  • Lonesome Truck Driver's Blues
  • Long Haul Weekend
  • Long Legged Hannah
  • Long Lonesome Road
  • Long Night
  • Long Thin Dawn
  • Long Trucking Night
  • Long White Line
  • Long, Lonesome Highway
  • Looking At The World Through A Windshield
  • Loose Nut Behind The Wheel
  • Love My Truck Drivin Man
  • Love Story In the Making
  • Lucky In Kentucky





  • Make A Mile
  • Make My Coffee Black
  • Makin' Time
  • Makin' Up Time
  • Mama Hated Diesels
  • Mama Knows The Highway
  • Mama Was A Rock
  • Man Behind the Wheel
  • Man Of The Road
  • Marry For Money
  • Martha's Roadside CafĂ©
  • Me and Bobby McGee
  • Me and Freddie and Jake
  • Me and Ole C.B.
  • Midnight Driver
  • Midnight Hauler
  • Midnight Rider
  • Midnight Run To Dixie
  • Mighty Moonbi Range
  • Miss Marie & The Bedford Blaze
  • Mister DJ
  • Modern Day Cowboy
  • Modern Day Drover
  • Momma Take The Road Off Of Me
  • Monteagle Mountain
  • Moonlight Ride in a Diesel
  • Morning Sun
  • Mother Trucker
  • Motivatin' Day
  • Motivatin' Man
  • Move Along
  • Movin' On
  • Mr. Christmas
  • My Baby Loves My Rig
  • My Baby's Waitin'
  • My Big Truck
  • My Daddy's Just A Trucker
  • My Other Love
  • My Truckin' Life
  • My Truckin' Oath

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Featured CDs
In Overdrive by Aaron Tippin (Country Crossing)

In Overdrive
Aaron Tippin

Diesel Made For Two by Chris Sprague (Spinout Records)

Diesel Made For Two
Chris Sprague

Hammer Down by Chris Sprague (18 Wheeler/Wichita Falls Records)

Hammer Down
Chris Sprague

Truckin' Sessions by Dale Watson (Koch Records)

Truckin' Sessions
Dale Watson

Truckin Sessions, Vol. 2 by Dale Watson(Hyena)

Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2
Dale Watson

American Trucker by Dave Dudley

American Trucker
Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun by Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
Dave Dudley

The Drag 'em Off The Interstate Hits by Dick Curless

The Drag 'em Off the .....
Dick Curless

I'll Pick The Guitar, You Drive The Truck by Leland Martin

I'll Pick The Guitar, ...
Leland Martin

Truckers for Troops by Leland Martin

Truckers For Troops
Leland Martin

Roll Truck Roll by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Roll Truck Roll
Red Simpson

The Best of Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer by Red Simpson (Razor & Tie)

The Best of
Red Simpson

Truck Drivin' Fool by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Truck Drivin' Fool
Red Simpson

20 All Time Greatest Hits by Red Sovine

20 All Time Greatest Hitsl
Red Sovine

Sittin' On 80 by Slim Dusty

Ssttin' On 80l
Slim Dusty

Kickin' Asphalt by Various Artists

Kickin' Asphalt

On The Road Again by Various Artists

On The Road Again

Rig Rock Deluze, A Salute to the American Truck Driver by Various Artists

Rig Rock Deluxe

Truck Driver's Boogie, Big Rig Hits by Various Artists

Truck Driver's Boogie ....

Trucker's Jukebox by Various Artists

Trucker's Jukebox


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