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Red Sovine

I Didn't Jump The Fence

One and Only

It'll Come Back by Red Sovine and The Girls

Greatest Grand Ole Opry

The Best of Red Sovine

16 Gospel Super Hits

Golden Hits

Gone But Not Forgotten

Teddy Bear

Red SovineClick here to listen to Giddy Up Go

Born Woodrow Wilson Sovine on July 17, 1918 in Charleston, WV, Red Sovine made his first attempt at a musical career in his teens along with Johnnie Bailes (of the Bailes Brothers) as members of Jim Pike's Carolina Tar Heels and then as the "Singing Sailors".  Red then opted for a factory job in Elanor, WV working his way into mid-management while still doing a program on local radio.

In 1948, the Bailes Brothers encouraged Red to join them in Shreveport, LA  After a brief stint at KWKH in Shreveport, Hank Williams lent a helping hand in securing a slot at WFSA in Montgomery, AL later that same year and a recording contract with MGM.

In 1949, Red returned to Shreveport and joined the Louisiana Hayride replacing Hank Williams.  In 1952, fellow Hayride star Webb Pierce asked Red to come to Nashville to front his band which led to a recording contract with Decca in 1954 and to appearances on the Grand Ole Opry.

After the conclusion of the Decca contract in 1959, Red signed with Starday Records.  Though most of his success over the next two decades would be with Starday, Red also recorded with Arc, Somerset, RCA Victor, Ric, and Chart.

On April 4, 1980, Red suffered a heart attack while driving his van through Nashville.  The heart attack along with the injuries sustained in the subsequent accident proved fatal.

Red's top 40 singles include:
    Are You Mine with Goldie Hill (1955 on Decca)
    Why Baby Why with Webb Pierce (1955 on Decca)
    If Jesus Came To Your House (1956 on Decca)
    Little Rosa with Webb Pierce (1956 on Decca)
    Hold Everything (Till I Get Home) (1956 on Decca)
    Dream House For Sale (1964 on Starday)
    Giddy-up Go (1965 on Starday)
    I Didn't Jump The Fence (1967 on Starday)
  Phantom 309 (1967 on Starday)
    In Your Heart (1967 on Starday)
    Tell Maude I Slipped (1968 on Starday)
    It'll Come Back (1974 on Chart)
    Teddy Bear (1976 on Starday)

Red's discography includes:
    Red Sovine (1957 on MGM)
    The One and Only Red Sovine (1961 on King)
    Golden Country Ballads of the 60's (1962 on Starday)
    Country Hits Made Famous by Atkins and Ford (1963 on         Somerset)
    Red Sovine (1964 on Decca)
    Little Rosa (1965 on Starday)
    Town and Country Action (1965 on Starday)
    Country Music Time (1965 on Decca)
    Giddy-up Go (1966 on Starday)
    Farewell, So Long, Goodbye (1967 on Metro)
    The Nashville Sound of Red Sovine (1967 on Starday)
    I Didn't Jump The Fence (1967 on Starday)
    Sunday With Sovine (1968 on Starday)
    Tell Maude I Slipped (1968 on Starday)
    Phantom 309 (1968 on Starday)
    Who Am I (1969 on Starday)
    The Country Way (1969 on Vocalion)
    I Know You're Married But I Love You Still (1970 on
    A Dear John Letter (1970 on Nashville)
    Anytime (1970 on Nashville)
    The Greatest Grand Ole Opry (1972 on Chart)
    It'll Come Back (1974 on Chart)
    Teddy Bear (1976 on Deluxe)
    Woodrow Wilson Sovine (1977 on Starday Gusto)
    Red Sovine's 16 Greatest Hits (1977 on Starday Gusto)
    Gone But Not Forgotten (1981 on Castle)
    Phantom 309 (1987 on Hollywood)
    Classic Red (1988 on MCA)
    Crying in the Chapel (1989 on Hollyowwod)
    Famous Duets (1989 on Hollywood)
    Golden Hits (1989 on Hollywood)
    Sings Hank Williams (1990 on Highland)
    The Legendary Red Sovine (1990 on Highland)
    Giddy-up Go (1994 on Hollywood)
    Classic Narrations (1994 on Hollywood)
    16 New Gospel Songs (1994 on Hollywood)
    The Best of Red Sovine (1995 on TeeVee)
    The Best of the Trucks (1996 on Richmond)
    The Best of The Best (1996 on Federal)
    16 Gospel Super Hits (2000 on Federal)
    Phantom 309 (2001 on Prism Leisure)
    Pledge of Allegiance And Other Classic Narrations
     (2002 on King)

Christmas With Red Sovine      The Legendary Red Sovine      Red Sovine Sings Hank Williams

Phantom 309      Old Rivers and Other Classic Narrations      Phantom 309

Giddy-up Go      Best Of The Best     

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