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Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice in Smokey & The Bandit
Charted Singles

Over the years, a number of trucking related songs have appeared on various charts including Billboard, Cash Box Magazine, and Record World based upon radio airplay, sales, and/orĀ  jukebox action. The number of singles in the charts at any one time ranged from eight to 100 depending on the chart and the year.

Title Songwriter(s) Chart Debut Artist Producer Label
I'm Coming Home Johnny Horton, Tillman Franks February 1957 Johnny Horton Don Law Columbia
How Far To Little Rock Ruby Rakes March 1960 Stanley Brothers   King
Pinball Machine Lonnie Irving March 1960 Lonnie Irving   Starday
I'll Just Have a Cup of Coffee   January 1961 Claude Gray   Mercury
Passing Zone Blues Coleman Wilson July 1961 Coleman Wilson   King
I've Been Everywhere Geoff Mack September 1962 Hank Snow   RCA
Another Day, Another Dollar Wynn Stewart November 1962 Wynn Stewart   Challenge
Six Days on the Road Earl Green, Carl Montgomery June 1963 Dave Dudley   Golden Wing
Widow Maker Penny Jay, Buddy Wilson February 1964 Jimmy Martin   Decca
Give Me 40 Acres Earl Green, John Green September 1964 Willis Brothers   Starday
Truck Driving Man Terry Fell December 1964 George Hamilton IV Chet Atkins, Bob Ferguson RCA
A Tombstone Every Mile Dan Fulkerson March 1965 Dick Curless Dan Fulkerson, Dick Curless Allegash
Girl on the Billboard Walter Haynes, Hank Mills March 1965 Del Reeves   United Artists
Truck Drivin' Son-of-a-Gun Dixie Deen, Ray King July 1965 Dave Dudley Jerry Kennedy Mercury
Artificial Rose Tom T. Hall September 1965 Jimmy C. Newman   Decca
Giddyup Go Tommy Hill, Red Sovine November 1965 Red Sovine Don Pierce Starday
Travelin' Man Nancy Chase, Pauline Curless January 1966 Dick Curless Cecil Steen, Al Hawkes Tower
Giddyup Go - Answer Tommy Hill, Red Sovine March 1966 Minnie Pearl   Starday
Long Night Tommy Hill, Red Sovine April 1966 Red Sovine   Starday
Giddyup Do-Nut Tommy Hill, Red Sovine, Don Bowman, Noel Confer June 1966 Don Bowman   RCA Victor
Roll, Truck, Roll Tommy Collins April 1966 Red Simpson Ken Nelson Capitol
Little Pink Mack Scott Turner, Chris Roberts, Jim Thornton November 1966 Kay Adams Scott Turner Tower
Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves Cal Martin December 1966 Red Simpson Ken Nelson Capitol
Diesel on My Tail Jim Fagan May 1967 Jim & Jesse   Epic
Trucker's Prayer Scott Turner, Jim Thornton August 1967 Dave Dudley Jerry Kennedy Mercury
Phantom 309 Tommy Faile August 1967 Red Sovine   Starday
How Fast Them Trucks Can Go Charles Anderson October 1967 Claude Gray   Decca
Anything Leaving Town Today Dave Dudley, Tom T. Hall December 1967 Dave Dudley Jerry Kennedy Mercury
My Big Truck Drivin' Man Hank Mills January 1968 Kitty Wells Owen Bradley Decca
There Ain't No Easy Run Dave Dudley, Tom T. Hall March 1968 Dave Dudley Jerry Kennedy Mercury
Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives Jim Nesbitt March 1968 Jim Nesbitt   Chart
Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives Jim Nesbitt March 1968 Charlie Walker   Epic
Truck Drivin' Woman B. Pike, J. Wilson March 1968 Norma Jean Bob Ferguson RCA Victor
One More Mile Tom T. Hall April 1968 Dave Dudley Jerry Kennedy Mercury
Looking at the World Through a Windshield Mike Hoyer, Jerry Chestnut August 1968 Del Reeves   United Artists
Big Rig Rollin' Man Charles Fields, James Kirchstein, Donald Riis November 1968 Johnny Dollar   Chart
Big Wheels Sing For Me Johnny Dollar, Billy Morrow March 1969 Johnny Dollar   Chart
Truck Stop Jerry Smith, Vaughn Horton May 1969 Jerry Smith   ABC
Truck Driver's Lament Joe Gibson February 1970 Johnny Dollar   Chart
Big Wheel Cannonball Vaughn Horton May 1970 Dick Curless George Richey Capitol
Freightliner Fever Truman Lankford, L. Allen April 1970 Red Sovine   Starday
Drag 'em Off the Interstate, Sock it to 'em, J.P. Blues Vaughn Horton November 1970 Dick Curless George Richey Capitol
Roll Truck Roll Tommy Collins December 1971 Tommy Cash Glenn Sutton Epic
I've Come Awful Close   December 1971 Hank Thompson   Dot
Tonight My Baby's Coming Home Billy Sherrill, Glenn Sutton December 1971 Barbara Mandrell   Columbia
I'm a Truck Bob Stanton December 1971 Red Simpson Gene Breeden Portland
White Line Fever Merle Haggard March 1972 Buddy Alan   Capitol
Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer Red Simpson April 1972 Red Simpson Gene Breeden Capitol
Trucker's Paradise J. I Allison February 1973 Del Reeves   United Artists
Chick Inspector Vaughn Horton March 1973 Dick Curless   Capitol
Keep On Truckin' Randall Rogers March 1973 Dave Dudley   Mercury
Ravishing Ruby Tom T. Hall May 1973 Tom.T. Hall   Mercury
Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Drivin' Glen Goza June 1973 Red Simpson Gene Breeden Capitol
The Town Where You Live Mel Street July 1973 Mel Street   Metromedia
Rollin' Rig Roy Baham November 1973 Dave Dudley   Rice
Trucker and The U.F.O. Ken Munds December 1973 Brush Arbor   Capitol
Ramblin' Man   August 1974 Waylon Jennings   RCA Victor
Let's Truck Together Donna Price August 1974 Kenny Price   RCA Victor
Old Home Flller-Up an' Keep on-a-Truckin' Cafe Bill Fries, Chip Davis August 1974 C.W. McCall   MGM
Wolf Creek Pass Bill Fries, Chip Davis January 1975 C.W. McCall   MGM
Roll On Big Mama Daniel Darst March 1975 Joe Stampley   Epic
Movin' On Merle Haggard June 1975 Merle Haggard Fuzzy Owen Capitol
Me and Ole C.B. Dave Dudley, Randall Rogers November 1975 Dave Dudley   United Artists
Convoy Bill Fries, Chip Davis December 1975 C.W. McCall Don Sears, Chip Davis MGM
Who's Gonna Run The Truck Stop In Tuba City When I'm Gone Francis Ellis December 1975 Leroy Van Dyke   ABC/Dot
The White Knight Jay Huguely January 1976 Cledus Maggard   Mercury
I'm A Trucker   February 1976 Johnny Russell   RCA Victor
Kentucky Moonrunner Jay Huguely, Jerry Kennedy April 1976 Cledus Maggard   Mercury
Teddy Bear Dale Royal, Billy Burnette, Tommy Hill, Red Sovine June 1976 Red Sovine   Starday
Little Joe   September 1976 Red Sovine   Starday
Hey Shirley (This is Squirrely) Jimmie Green, Danny Wolfe July 1976 Shirley & Squirrely   GRT
Truck Drivin' Man Terry Fell July 1976 Red Steagall   ABC/Dot
Truck Driver's Heaven'   September 1976 Red Simpson   Warner
C.B. Savage Rod Hart December 1976 Rod Hart   Plantation
Round the World With Rubber Duck Bill Fries, Chip Davis January 1977 C.W. McCall   Polydor
East Bound and Down Dick Feller, Jerry Reed August 1977 Jerry Reed   RCA
Woman Behind The Man Behind The Wheel Gordon Grills, Red Sovine December 1977 Red Sovine   Starday
The Bull and the Beaver Merle Haggard, Leona Williams November 1978 Merle Haggard & Leona Williams Fuzzy Owen, Jimmy Bowen MCA
Send Me Down To Tucson Cliff Crofford, Snuff Garrett January 1979 Mel Tillis   MCA
The Flying Saucer Man and The Truck Driver Red Simpson October 1979 Red Simpson   K.E.Y.
Tony's Tank-Up, Drive-In Cafe Glenn Sutton February 1980 Hank Thompson   MCA
White Line Fever Merle Haggard March 1980 Flying Burrito Brothers   Regency
Drivin' My Life Away David Malloy, Even Stevens, Eddie Rabbitt June 1980 Eddie Rabbitt   Elektra
Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride Cliff Crofford, Snuff Garrett, John Durrill August 1980 Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers   MCA
Rolaids, Doan's Pills And Preparation H Marie Dudley, Max Harter September 1980 Dave Dudley   Sun
Texas Bound and Flyin' Jerry Reed October 1980 Jerry Reed   RCA
Caffein, Nicotine, Benzedrine' Jerry Reed January 1981 Jerry Reed   RCA
Home Along The Highway   January 1981 Tom Nix   RMA
Smoky Mountain Rain Kye Fleming, Dennis Morgan October 1981 Ronnie Milsap   RCA
Midnight Hauler James (Tim) Dubois, Wood Newton July 1981 Razzy Bailey   RCA
Chicken Truck John Anderson, Monroe Fields, Ervan Parker August 1981 John Anderson Norro Wilson Warner Bros.
I Love My Truck Joe Rainey August 1981 Glen Campbell   Mirage
Highway 40 Blues   April 1983 Ricky Skaggs   Epic
The Jogger Shel Silverstein July 1983 Bobby Bare Bobby Bare Columbia
Thank God For The Radio Max D. Barnes, Robert Jones January 1984 The Kendalls   Mercury
Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) Dave Loggins February 1984 Alabama Harold Shedd RCA
Rollin' Lonely Martin Derstine, Gary Harrison January 1985 Johnny Lee   Warner
Prisoner of the Highway Mark Brinkman, Mike Evans February 1984 Ronnie Milsap   RCA
Running the Roadblocks Chris Hillman, Peter Knobler April 1985 Chris Hillman   Sugar Hill
Bonnie Jean (Little Sister) David Lynn Jones September 1987 David Lynn Jones   Mercury
Six Days on the Road Earl Green, Carl Montgomery February 1988 Steve Earle   MCA
Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses Charles Nelson, Paul Nelson March 1988 Kathy Mattea   Mercury
Big Wheels in the Moonlight Bob McDill, Dan Seals November 1988 Dan Seals   Capitol
In My Eyes Lionel Cartwright October 1989 Lionel Cartwright Stueart Smith, Tony Brown MCA
Rollin' Home Richard Alves, Gary Harrison, William McCorvey November 1990 Pirates of The Mississippi   Capitol
Concrete Cowboy   March 1991 The Corbin/Hanner Band   Mercury
Papa Loved Mama Kim Williams, Garth Brooks March 1992 Garth Brooks Allen Reynolds Liberty
Mama Knows the Highway Charles Quarto, Peter Wasner July 1993 Hal Ketchum   Curb
Long Legged Hannah (from Butte Montana) Billy Dungy October 1994 Jesse Hunter   BNA
A Love Story In The Making Al Anderson, Craig Wiseman April 1996 Linda Davis   Arista
Six Days On The Road Earl Green, Carl Montgomery March 1997 Sawyer Brown   Capitol
Carrying Your Love With Me Steve Bogard, Jeff Stevens May 1997 George Strait   MCA
Santa's Got A Semi Pat Bunch, Doug Johnson December 1999 Keith Harling   Giant
Six Tons of Toys Dave Dudley December 1999 Paul Brandt   Reprise
Go Back Jeremy Campbell, Donny Hackett November 2000 Chalee Tennison Jerry Taylor Warner
Featured CDs
In Overdrive by Aaron Tippin (Country Crossing)

In Overdrive
Aaron Tippin

Diesel Made For Two by Chris Sprague (Spinout Records)

Diesel Made For Two
Chris Sprague

Hammer Down by Chris Sprague (18 Wheeler/Wichita Falls Records)

Hammer Down
Chris Sprague

Truckin' Sessions by Dale Watson (Koch Records)

Truckin' Sessions
Dale Watson

Truckin Sessions, Vol. 2 by Dale Watson(Hyena)

Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2
Dale Watson

American Trucker by Dave Dudley

American Trucker
Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun by Dave Dudley

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
Dave Dudley

The Drag 'em Off The Interstate Hits by Dick Curless

The Drag 'em Off the .....
Dick Curless

I'll Pick The Guitar, You Drive The Truck by Leland Martin

I'll Pick The Guitar, ...
Leland Martin

Truckers for Troops by Leland Martin

Truckers For Troops
Leland Martin

Roll Truck Roll by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Roll Truck Roll
Red Simpson

The Best of Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer by Red Simpson (Razor & Tie)

The Best of
Red Simpson

Truck Drivin' Fool by Red Simpson (Sundazed)

Truck Drivin' Fool
Red Simpson

20 All Time Greatest Hits by Red Sovine

20 All Time Greatest Hitsl
Red Sovine

Sittin' On 80 by Slim Dusty

Ssttin' On 80l
Slim Dusty

Kickin' Asphalt by Various Artists

Kickin' Asphalt

On The Road Again by Various Artists

On The Road Again

Rig Rock Deluze, A Salute to the American Truck Driver by Various Artists

Rig Rock Deluxe

Truck Driver's Boogie, Big Rig Hits by Various Artists

Truck Driver's Boogie ....

Trucker's Jukebox by Various Artists

Trucker's Jukebox


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