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Dale Watson

Christmastime in Texas by Dale Watson

Christmastime in Texas by Dale Watson

The Best Of The Hightone Years by Dale Watson

Cheatin Heart Attack by Dale Watson

I Hate These Songs by Dale Watson

Truckin Sessions by Dale Watson

Every Song I Sing For You by Dale Watson

Blessed or Damned by Dale Watson

People I've Known, Places I've Been by Dale Watson

Dale WatsonClick here to listen to Good Luck 'N' Good Truckin' Tonight

Born October 7, 1962 in Birmingham, AL, Dale Watson comes from a musical family.  His uncle Jim played with Merle Travis and his father Don was a truck driving singing guitarist.

Dale received his first guitar lessons from his brother Jim and began writing songs at 12.

Dale moved with his family to Texas during his teen years and began playing local clubs and honky tonks around Houston. 

In 1988 with the encouragment of Rosie Flores, Dale relocated to Southern California where he secured a gig at the Palomino Club.

Following an appearance in the movie, The Thing Called Love, Dave headed to Nashville and then Austin where he currently resides.

Dale is extremely popular in Europe and Australia and has been a part of compilations and albums that have been released exclusively in those regions.

Dale's discography includes:
  •  Cheatin' Heart Attack (1995 on Hightone)
  •  Blessed or Damned (1996 on Hightone)
  •  I Hate These Songs (1997 on Hightone)
  •  The Truckin' Sessions (1998 on Koch)
  •  Every Song I Write Is for You (2001 on Audium)
  •  Christmas in Texas (2001 on Audium)
  •  Live in London, England (2002 in Audium
  •  The Best of the HighTone Years (2002 on Hightone)

Links include:
  •  Dale Watson (Official Site)


From The Start by Dale Watson      Every Song I Write Is For You by Dale Watson      Dalevis by Dale Watson

Preachin' To The Choir by Dale Watson

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