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The Legends
Billy Cole
Country Dan Dixon
Charlie Douglas
Ralph Emery
Mike Hoyer
Bill Mack
Dave Nemo
Billy Parker
Buddy Ray
Fred Sanders
Larry Scott
Dale Sommers
Big John Trimble
The Terrestrial Options
Network Programs
America's Truckin' Network
Midnight Trucking Radio Network
Syndicated Programs
Local Programs
The Internet Options
Gear Jammin' Gold
The Satellite Options
XM Satellite Radio
Sirius Satellite Radio
The C.B.

Communication whether it be one-way or two-way has been a part of trucking for more than 50 years. If you have any recollections about all night trucker radio, we would like to hear your stories about the hosts, the guests, the callers, and the events.
Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice in Smokey & The Bandit
As the highway system evolved, more & more truck radios in Canada & the USA tuned into the powerful AM radio stations especially at night.  The Legends give brief bios of the hosts who revolutionized terrestial radio and satellite radio.
XM & Sirius Radio

Technological advances led to the consolidation of all night trucking radio & the formation of trucking networks on terrestrial radio including the Interstate Radio Network, the Road Gang Coast to Coast Radio Network,  the Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network, & the Truckin' Bozo Radio Network. 

A number of options are currently available to listeners in North America. The Network Programs are broadcast over a number of stations simultaneously. The Syndicated Programs are aired at different times over a number of stations. The Local Programs are often heard on only one station. 

XM & Sirius Radio
Trucking networks & affiliates saw the impact of the 'net & rebroadcast their feeds.  Others took the chance to reach a worldwide audience on a 24/7 basis with trucking programming on internet stations.  The Internet Alternatives focus upon this niche.
XM & Sirius Radio
With the introduction of satellite radio, the big names of truck radio moved to the new medium.  The Satellite Alternatives look at the satellite services in the North American market with a special emphasis on programming geared to the trucker.
XM & Sirius Radio
The C.B., or citizens' band radio, has been an important source of information since its development.
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Bill Mack's Memories
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Sounds in the Dark
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