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With the assistance of a number of merchants, we offer you the opportunity to buy truck drivin' music, videos, & books along with other items through the search engines and banners.  When you make a purchase through the links/banners from this site, the Virtual Truck Route receives a small return that assists in this site's continuation.

Click here to listen to Truck Driver's Queen by Charlie Moore & Bill Napier

16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits
Released in 1987, 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits features 16 tracks from Starday, including rarities from Slim Jacobs, Coleman Wilson, Benny Martin & the Stanley Brothers.

CLAUDE GRAY:  How Fast Them Trucks Can Go ~ WILLIS BROS.: Give Me Forty Acres ~ RED SOVINE: Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel ~ PETE DRAKE: Gear Shiftin' ~ JIMMY MARTIN: Widow Maker ~ STANLEY BROS: Rollin' on Rubber Wheels ~ CHARLIE MOORE: Tombstone Every Mile ~ HYLO BROWN: Truck Drivin' Man ~ DEL REEVES: Girl on the Billboard (Re-recording) ~ RENO & SMILEY: Remington Ride ~ SLIM JACOBS: That's Truck Drivin' ~ BOBBY SYKES: Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves ~ MOORE & NAPIER: Truck Driver's Queen ~ COLEMAN WILSON: Radar Blues ~ BENNY MARTIN: Big Footed Dan ~ TOMMY HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL: Convoy

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Big Wheels In The Moonlight by Dan Seals

18 Wheels Rollin
18 Wheels Rollin': Trucking Songs features 10 tracks from the Capitol-EMI catalog including classics from Dick Curless, the Green River Boys, Dan Seals & Eddie Rabbitt.

MERLE HAGGARD & THE STRANGERS: White Line Fever ~ DAN SEALS: Big Wheels in the Moonlight ~ NEW GRASS REVIVAL: Callin' Baton Rouge ~ EDDIE RABBITT: Runnin' With the Wind ~ GREEN RIVER BOYS (WITH GLEN CAMPBELL): Truck Drivin' Man ~ RED SIMPSON: I'm a Truck ~ DICK CURLESS: Truck Stop ~ JUSTIN WILSON: Truck Driver's License ~ PIRATES OF THE MISSISSIPPI: Honky Tonk Highway ~ ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: The Wheel Keeps on Rollin' - Asleep At The Wheel

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Relix's Best of Truck Driving Songs
Relix's Best of Truck Driving Songs consists of 13 contemporary tracks from Commander Cody,  the Flying Burrito Brothers, Toni Brown, & more.

FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Six Days on the Road ~ COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN: Two Triple Cheese, Side Order of Fries ~ STACKBONES: Beat It on Down the Line ~ DEAD RINGERS: Truckin' ~ FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Truck Drivin' Man ~ COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN: Midnight Shift ~TONI BROWN: The Wheel ~ FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: White Line Fever ~ COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN: Hot Rod Lincoln ~ STACKBONES: Turn on Your Love Light ~ FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Hot Burrito #2 ~ STACKBONES: This Land Is Your Land

Buy It At Amazon.com

Click here to listen to A Man With 18 Wheels by Lee Ann Womack

Black Dog
Black Dog: Music from the Motion Picture has 11 contemporary tracks from the 1998 theater release with gems from Lee Ann Womack, Steve Earle, & Jack Ingram.

LEE ANN WOMACK: A Man With 18 Wheels ~ RHETT AKINS: Drivin´ My Life Away ~ BIG HOUSE: Road Man ~ GARY ALLAN: Highway Junkie ~ CHRIS KNIGHT: The Hammer Going Down ~ DAVID LEE MURPHY: We Can´T All BeAngels ~ RANDY TRAVIS: My Greatest Fear ~ PATTY LOVELESS: On Down The Line ~ STEVE EARLE: Nowhere Road ~ JACK INGRAM: Drivin´ All Night Long ~ LINDA DAVIS: I Wanna Remember This

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Travelin' Man by Red Foley

Hot Rod Cowboys
One of the releases in the Hot Rod Rock series, Hot Rod Cowboys features some of the finest truckin' & road songs including the unreleased studio version of White Line Fever.

ROBERT MITCHUM: The Ballad Of Thunder Road ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Six Days On The Road (Re-recording) ~ GEORGE JONES: The Race Is On ~ JOHNNY CASH: Highway Patrolman ~ RED FOLEY: Travelin´ Man ~ JIMMY DOLEN: Hot Rod Race ~ ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 ~ ROGER MILLER King Of The Road ~ MERLE HAGGARD: White Line Fever (Unreleased Studio Version) ~ RED SIMPSON: The Highway Patrol ~ JOHNNY BOND: Hot Rod Lincoln ~ RED STEAGALL: Truck Drivin´ Man ~ PORTER WAGONER: Highway Headin´ South ~ MEL MCDANIEL: Stand On It

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen Kickin Asphalt by Moe and Joe

Kickin' Asphalt
Shel Silverstein was working on this project at the time of his passing & wrote 8 of the 21 songs.  Moe & Joe, Del Reeves & Bobby Bare deliver on this 1999 release.

JOE SUN: 13 Tons Of Ice Cream Bars ~ BOBBY BARE: This Is As Far As I Go ~ BOBBY BARE: Six Days Back At Home ~ MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY: Semi-Married Man ~ SHEB WOOLEY: Mother Tucker's Double Clutcher's Trucker Line ~ MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY: Kickin' Asphalt ~ SHEB WOOLEY: Come On Back To Nashville And Get Your Peterbilt ~ MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY: We May Be Lost But We're Making Good Time ~ DEL REEVES: Truck Driver's Girl ~ SHEB WOOLEY: Truckin' Son's Of Mitch's ~ DEL REEVES: Bertha The Bull Hauler ~ SHEB WOOLEY: Trucker's Lament: I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore ~ DEL REEVES: Date In Dallas ~ BOBBY BARE: Don't Go To Sleep On The Road ~ JETHRO & BODINE: Bad Gas JOE SUN: Fryin' Bacon Naked ~ SHEB WOOLEY: Born To Be A Trucker ~ BOBBY BARE: Momma Take The Road Off Me ~ BOBBY BARE: There's An 18 Wheeler ~ DEL REEVES: Marry For Money ~ BOBBY BARE: World's Last Truck Drivin' Man

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Click here to listen to Endless Black Ribbon by Tiny Harris

Lonesome Highway Songs
Released in 1996, Lonesome Highway Songs features 10 tracks including hard to find cuts by the Willis Brothers, Betty Amos, Jimmy Griggs, Red Simpson & Bob Newman.

TINY HARRIS: Endless Black Ribbon ~ SWANEE CALDWELL: Six Days on the Road ~ COLEMAN WILSON: Passing Zone Blues ~ RED SIMPSON: Don't Fall Asleep at the Wheel (also titled Old Timers Advice) ~ WILLIS BROS.: White Lines & Roadside Signs ~ WARNER MACK: Sittin' in an All Night Cafe ~ RED SOVINE:  Truck Driver's Prayer ~ BOB NEWMAN: Lonesome Truck Driver's Blues ~ JIMMY GRIGGS: In the Middle of Nowhere ~ BETTY AMOS: Eighteen Wheels

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