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With the assistance of a number of merchants, we offer you the opportunity to buy truck drivin' music, videos, & books along with other items through the search engines and banners.  When you make a purchase through the links/banners from this site, the Virtual Truck Route receives a small return that assists in this site's continuation.

Click here to listen Give Me 40 Acres by the Willis Brothers

On the Road Again
Released in 1986, On the Road Again has hard to find cuts by Rod Hart, the Willis Brothers, George Morgan & classic duets including one by Charlie Douglas & Dave Dudley.

DAVE DUDLEY: Six Days on the Road (Re-recording) ~ RED SIMPSON: I'm a Truck (Re-recording) ~ WILLIS BROS: Give Me Forty Acres ~ ROD HART: C.B. Savage ~ TINY HARRIS: Endless Black Ribbon ~ DUANE EDDY: 40 Miles of Bad Road ~ GEORGE MORGAN: Man Behind The Wheel ~ CLAUDE GRAY: How Fast Them Trucks Can Go ~ JIMMY MARTIN: Widow Maker (Re-recording) ~ JACK GREENE: California Turn-Arounds ~ DEL REEVES: Looking at the World Through a Windshield (Re-recording) ~ RED SOVINE & JOHNNY BOND: Gear Jammer and the Hobo ~ RED SIMPSON: Roll, Truck, Roll (Re-recording) ~ COLEMAN WILSON: Passing Zone Blues ~ WILLIS BROS.: Truck Stop Cutie ~ CHARLIE DOUGLAS & DAVE DUDLEY: Where's The Truck? ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Rolaids, Doan's Pills & Preparation H ~ RED SOVINE & JEAN SHEPARD: Jackson ~ TOMMY HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL: Convoy

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Click here to listen to Roll On by Alabama

Rig Ridin' Favorites
Released in 1997, America's Country Rig Ridin' Favorites features 12 tracks for the blacktop including hits from George Hamilton IV, Alabama, Jerry Reed & Razzy Bailey. 

ALABAMA: Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) ~ RESTLESS HEART: Wheels ~ DAN SEALS: Big Wheels in the Moonlight ~ CHARLEY PRIDE: Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone ~ STEVE WARINER: All Roads Lead to You ~ RONNIE MILSAP: Prisoner of the Highway ~ DON WILLIAMS: Tulsa Time ~ MEL TILLIS & THE STATESIDERS: Send Me Down To Tucson ~ GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Truck Driving Man ~ RAZZY BAILEY: Midnight Hauler ~ LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS BAND: Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer to You) ~ JERRY REED: East Bound and Down

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Mama Was a Rock (Daddy Was a Rolling Stone) by Kay Adams and Br-549

Rig Rock Deluxe
Released in 1996, Rig Rock Deluxe brought Red Simpson, Buck Owens, & Kay Adams back into the studio for a project which spans the generations.

DON WALSER: Truck Driving Man ~ BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS: Will There Be Big Rigs in Heaven ~ RED SIMPSON & JUNIOR BROWN: Nitro Express ~ MARTY STUART: Miss Marie & The Bedford Blaze ~ KELLY WILLIS: Truck Stop Girl ~ SHAVER: Mother Trucker ~ SON VOLT: Looking at the World Through a Windshield ~ DEL REEVES & JIM LAUDERDALE: Diesel, Diesel, Diesel ~ CHERI KNIGHT: Wagon of Clay ~ STEVE EARLE: White Freightliner Blues (Live) ~ YAYHOOS: Highway Junkie ~ BILL KIRCHEN & TOO MUCH FUN: Semi- Truck ~ KAY ADAMS & BR-549: Mama Was a Rock (Daddy Was A Rolling Stone) ~ NICK LOWE: I'm Coming Home ~ BOTTLE ROCKETS: Truck Drivin' Man (Give It All I Can) (Live) ~ RIG ROCK DELUXE: Six Days on the Road

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Little Joe by Red Sovine

Rollin' On Down The Road
Released in 1996, Rollin On Down The Road features eight tracks recorded on the Starday and King labels including rarities by Moon Mullican, Terry Cobb, and Red Simpson.

RED SOVINE: Little Joe ~ MOON MULLICAN: Trucker's Rag ~ TERRY COBB: I Don't Want My Sister To Be A Truck Driver ~ STONES RIVER RANCH BOYS: Cotton Eyed Joe ~ MAC WISEMAN: 18 Wheels A Hummin' Home Sweet Home ~ JIMMY MARTIN & RALPH STANLEY: Roll On Buddy, Roll On ~ RED SIMPSON: I Got A Beaver On My Lap And A Bear On My Tail ~ JACK GREENE: California Turn-Arounds

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Six Days On The Road by Dave Dudley

Truck Driver's Boogie
Truck Driver's Boogie:  Big Rig Hits 1939-69 features 20 classic original cuts from Cliff Bruner, Curtis Leach, Jimmy Martin, Jim Nesbitt, Johnny Dollar, Terry Fell & more.

CLIFF BRUNER: Truck Driverīs Blues ~ DICK REINHART & LONE STAR BOYS: Truck Driverīs Coffee Stop ~ KARL & HARTY: Truck Driverīs Sweetheart ~ ART GIBSON: Iīm A Truck Driving Man ~ MILO TWINS: Truck Driverīs Boogie ~ JOE CANNONBALL LEWIS: Truck Driverīs Night Run Blues ~ DOYLE OīDELL: Diesel Smoke (Dangerous Curves) ~ TERRY FELL & THE FELLERS: Truck Driving Man ~ JOHNNY HORTON: Iīm Coming Home ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Six Days On The Road ~ DEL REEVES: Girl On The Billboard ~ KAY ADAMS: Little Pink Mack ~ CURTIS LEACH: Highway Man ~ DICK CURLESS: A Tombstone Every Mile ~ JIMMY MARTIN: Widow Maker ~ JIM & JESSE & THE VIRGINIA BOYS: Diesel On My Tail ~ JIM NESBITT: Truck Drivinī Cat With Nine Wives ~ JOHNNY DOLLAR: Big Rig Rollinī Man ~ RED SIMPSON: Roll, Truck, Roll ~ BOBBY BRADDOCK: Gear Bustinī Sort Of A Feller

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Girl on the Billboard by Del Reeves

Truck Drivin' Man
A 1998 release from the U.K., Truck Drivin' Man: 20 Truckin' Country Classics features top notch material from the EMI catalog with Kay Adams, Del Reeves, Dave Dudley and more.

GLEN CAMPBELL: Truck Drivinī Man ~ MERLE HAGGARD: Movinī On ~ DAN SEALS: Big Wheels In The Moonlight ~ DEL REEVES: Truckers Paradise ~ RED SIMPSON: Iīm A Truck ~ ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Iīve Been Everywhere ~ DICK CURLESS: Big Wheel Canonball ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Six Days On The Road (Re-recording) ~ KAY ADAMS: Six Days Awaiting ~ JOHN STEWART: Big Joe ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Rollinī Rig ~ RED SIMPSON: Roll Truck Roll ~ DEL REEVES: Girl On The Billboard ~ MERLE HAGGARD: White Line Fever ~ KAY ADAMS: Little Pink Mack ~ DICK CURLESS: A Tombstone Ever Mile ~ RED SIMPSON: Truck Driver's Blues ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Texas Ruby ~ DEL REEVES: Lookinī At The World Through A Windshield ~ BRUSH ARBOR: Trucker And The UFO

Buy now at Amazon.com

Click here to listen to Roll On Big Mama by Joe Stampley

Trucker's Jukebox
Released in 1997, Trucker's Jukebox combines three earlier releases (Vol. 1, 2, & 3) from Columbia & Epic with gems from Joe Stampley, Charlie Walker, Lefty Frizzell & more. 

CD-1: JOE STAMPLEY: Roll on Big Mama ~ GEORGE JONES & JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Maybellene ~ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Take This Job and Shove It ~ LEFTY FRIZZELL: Cigarettes and Coffee Blues ~ JIM & JESSE: Diesel on My Tail ~ WILLIE NELSON: On the Road Again ~ DAVID ALLAN COE: You Never Even Called Me by My Name ~ CHARLIE WALKER: Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives ~ THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks ~ FLATT & SCRUGGS: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

CD-2: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: House of Blue Lights ~ MOE BANDY & JOE STAMPLEY: Just Good Ol' Boys ~ MARTY ROBBINS: Ribbon of Darkness ~ CARL SMITH: Back up Buddy ~ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Colorado Cool-Aid ~ THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: Long Haired Country Boy ~ CHARLIE WALKER: Truck Drivin' Man ~ WILLIE NELSON: Midnight Rider ~ JOHNNY CASH: One Piece at a Time ~ DAVID ALLAN COE: The Ride

CD-3: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Hot Rod Lincoln ~ RICKY SKAGGS: Highway 40 Blues ~ DAVID ALLAN COE: Longhaired Redneck ~ MICKEY GILLEY: I'm the One Mama Warned You About ~ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: I'm the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised) ~ THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: The Devil Went Down to Georgia ~ CARL PERKINS: Restless ~ SPADE COOLEY: Detour ~ JOHNNY BOND: So Round, So Firm So Fully Packed ~ ROY ACUFF: Wabash Cannonball

Buy now at Amazon.com

Click here to listen to Giddy-Up Go by Red Sovine

Truckin' On
Five TV advertised Starday LP's (Super Slab Hits, 40 Miles of Bad Road, How Fast Them Trucks Go, Roadrunner, and Truckin' On) make up the 2 CD set Truckin' On. 

CD-1: DAVE DUDLEY: Six Days on the Road (Re-recording) ~ RED SOVINE:  Teddy Bear ~ WILLIS BROS.: Give Me Forty Arces ~ CLAUDE KING: Wolverton Mountain (Re-recording) ~ DEL REEVES: A Dime at a Time (Re-recording) ~ RED SOVINE: King of the Open Road ~ WARNER MACK:  The Bridge Washed Out ~ WILBERT HARRISON: Kansas City ~ RED SOVINE: Truck Driver's Prayer ~ STANLEY BROS.: How Far to Little Rock ~ DEL REEVES: Girl on the Billboard (Re-recording) ~ MOORE & NAPIER: Truck Driver's Queen ~ JOHNNY BOND & RED SOVINE:  The Gear Jammer and the Hobo ~ DEL REEVES: Looking at the World Through a Windshield (Re-recording) ~ MIKE LUNSFORD: Movin' On ~ MAC WISEMAN: 18 Wheels Hummin' Home Sweet Home ~ CHARLIE MOORE: Tombstone Every Mile ~ CLAUDE GRAY: How Fast Them Trucks Can Go ~ RED SOVINE: Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun ~ BILLY WALKER: Cross the Brazos at Waco ~ GEORGE JONES: One Is a Lonely Number ~ COLEMAN WILSON: Passing Zone Blues ~ DUANE EDDY: 40 Miles of Bad Road ~ RED SOVINE: Little Joe ~ JOHNNY CARVER:  Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree ~ WILLIS BROS.: Wheels a Turnin'

CD-2: RED SOVINE: Giddy-Up-Go ~ MINNIE PEARL: Giddy-Up-Go Answer ~ CLAUDE GRAY: I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee (Then I'll Go) ~ JIMMY MARTIN: Truck Drivin' Man ~ GRANDPA JONES: Eight More Mile to Louisville ~ TOMMY HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL: White Knight ~ RED SOVINE: Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel ~ TINY HARRIS: Endless Black Ribbon ~ BILLY WALKER: Away Out on the Mountain ~ JIMMY GRIGGS: Overloaded Diesel ~ JACK SCOTT: Burning Bridges ~ RED SOVINE: Phantom 309 ~ JIMMY MARTIN: Widow Maker (Re-recording) ~ WILLIS BROS.: Diesel Smoke on Danger Road ~ COWBOY COPAS:  Alabam ~ FRANKIE MILLER: Truck Drivin' Buddy ~ RED SOVINE: Six Days on the Road ~ HARDEN TRIO: Sneakin' Things Across the Border ~ TOMMY HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL: Convoy ~ LONNIE IRVING: Pinball Machine ~ WARNER MACK: Sittin' in an All Night Cafe ~ NASHVILLE HARMONICA: Country Roads ~ BILL DOGGERT: Honky Tonk, Pt. 1 ~ RED SOVINE: Frieghtliner Fever ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun (Re-recording) ~ WILLIS BROS.: Truck Driver's Queen

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