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With the assistance of a number of merchants, we offer you the opportunity to buy truck drivin' music, videos, & books along with other items through the search engines and banners.  When you make a purchase through the links/banners from this site, the Virtual Truck Route receives a small return that assists in this site's continuation.

The Great Nev Nicholls
Here is a 3 CD compliation from Australia's Nev Nicholls:

CD-1: King Of The Road ~ The Rollin’s All Gone Out Of This Rollin Stone ~ Rigs And Road ~ Truckers Paradise ~ Mother Trucker ~ Mighty Moonbi Range ~ Make My Coffee Black ~ The Great South State Truck Stop Disaster ~ Truck Me Dead ~ Country Run ~ Little Trucker ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ Anything Leavin Town To-Day ~ Footballin’ Truck Drivin’ Man ~ Tiger In My Strides ~ CB Radio ~ Travellin Stereo ~ Her And The Car And The Mobile Home

CD-2: Show Me The Way To The Circus ~ Take Me To The Country ~ She’ll Be Right ~ Country Music Turns Me On (with Jan Kelly) ~ Two Beers Away ~ Hitchin A Ride ~ No Country Music On The Jukebox ~ Havin Fun At The 601 ~ Darlin’ On Your Way Out ~ Better Move It On Home (with Kerry Lyons) ~ Silverwater Holiday ~ I Wish I Could Sing Like Johnny Cash ~ Where Do We Go From Here ~ One Of Those ~ Do What You Wanna Do ~ Runnin With The Wind ~ Heaven
~ San Angelo (featuring Phil Emmanuel)

CD-3: A Good Love Is Like A Good Song ~ Neon Rose ~ Think Of Me When You’re Lonely ~ You Won’t See Which Way I Went
~ Good Old Love ~ Biding My Time (with Kerry Lyons) ~ A Daisy A Day ~ Always, Sometimes and Maybe ~ Woman Of The Night ~ Take My Heart ~ Love, Love, Love ~ Dance In The Old Fashioned Way ~ Shutters And Boards ~ You’re Sixteen ~ Beautiful Dreamer ~ Chained ~ Hit The Road Jack ~ Sweet Thang (with Jan Kelly)

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Truck Box
From Australia, the talent of Nev Nicholls is showcased in this 4 CD set which features three of Nev's releases (Loaded Up & Truckin', Supertrucker, Teddy Bear) and Massive Movers Presented By Nev Nicholls with various artists.

CD 1 (Massive Movers Presented by Nev Nicholls): NEV NICHOLLS: Waitin At The End Of The Road ~ NEV NICHOLLS & KEITH GLASS: Free Spirit ~ WAYNE LAW: Spare Parts Man ~ WYLIE & THE WILD WEST SHOW: Girl On The Billboard ~ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Take This Job & Shove It ~ TOM JONES: Take It To The Limit ~ ROY COOPER & CARTER EDWARDS: Country Boys ~ NEV NICHOLLS & BUDDY WILLIAMS: Highway Man ~ TOM JONES: On The Road Again ~ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Motel Time Again ~ GEORGE HAMILTON V: Midnight At A Redlight ~ WAYNE LAW: Drive

CD 2 (Supertrucker by Nev Nicholls): Supertrucker ~ Johnny Overload ~ Mack's Cafe ~ Hot Wheels ~ Who Needs A Wife ~ Backing To Bendigo ~ Good Love Is Like A Good Song ~ Buy Me A Beer ~ Rigs & Roads ~ Ballad Or Billy Wheeler ~ Truckin Life ~ Dj Joedown John ~ My Truckin Life ~ Power Of Positive Drinking ~ That's Just My Truckin Luck ~ Roads ~ Hello Darlin ~ Make A Mile ~ That's The Way It Goes ~ My Truckin Oath

CD 3 (Loaded Up & Truckin' by Nev Nicholls): East Bound & Down ~ Jack Knife ~ Lights On The Hill ~ Supertrucker ~ Cowboy's A Cowboy ~ Teddy Bear ~ Keep On Truckin' ~ Giddy-Up-Go ~ Motivatin' Man ~ Bulldog Mack ~ Blazing Diesels ~ Six Days On The Road ~ Truck Driving Man ~ Teddy Bear's Last Ride ~ Devil Made The Truck Driving Man ~ Phantom 309 ~ When The Big Rigs Roll

CD 4 (Teddy Bear & Other Truckin' Tales by Nev Nicholls): Motivatin' Day ~ Teddy Bear ~ Teddy Bear's Last Ride ~ Nashville Express ~ Heaven ~ Life Gits Tee- Jus Don't It ~ San Angelo ~ You Gotta Have A Beer Mate ~ Phantom 309 ~ Bulldog Mack ~ Hot Rod Guitars ~ Gorn Again ~ Another Beer ~ You Bulldog Drinks Champagne ~ Giddy Up Go

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Listen to Eastbound and Down by Jerry Reed

Essential Jerry Reed
Released in 1995, The Essential Jerry Reed is a 20 track retrospective that features cuts from the RCA years.

Guitar Man ~ Alabama Jubilee ~ Amos Moses ~ A Thing Called Love ~ When You're Hot, You're Hot ~ Smell the Flowers ~ Koko Joe ~ You Took All the Ramblin' Out of Me ~ The Uptown Poker Club ~ The Claw ~ Lord, Mr. Ford ~ A Good Woman's Love ~ East Bound and Down (From Film Smokey and the Bandit) ~ Let's Sing Our Song ~ The Crude Oil Blues ~ I Love You, What Can I Say ~ The Bird ~ Texas Bound and Flyin' (From Film Smokey and the Bandit II) ~ She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft) ~ Another Puff

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to I'm A Truck by Red Simpson

The Best of Red Simpson
On August 24th, 1999 Razor and Tie released The Best of Red Simpson: Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer, an 18 track compilation from Red's Capitol recordings.

Truck Drivin' Fool ~ The Highway Patrol ~ Intro Express ~ Roll Truck Roll ~ I'm a Truck ~ Motivatin' Man ~ Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver ~ Truck Drivin' Man ~ Six Days on the Road ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ Truck Driver's Blues ~ Highway Man ~ Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves ~ Born to Be a Trucker ~ Johnny Law ~ Mini-Skirt Minnie ~ Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer ~ Awful Lot to Learn About Truck Driving ~ Truckin' Trees for Christmas

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Roll Truck Roll (Sundazed)

Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun

In 1966, Red Simpson recorded his first album for Capitol produced by the legendary Ken Nelson.

Truck Drivin’ Man ~ Roll, Truck, Roll ~ Nitro Express ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver ~ Highway Man ~ Motivatin’ Man ~ Truck Driver’s Blues ~ Big Mack ~ My Baby’s Waitin’ ~ Six Days On The Road ~ Runaway Truck

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Truck Drivin' Fool (Sundazed)

Truck Drivin' Fool

Red Simpson's second truckin' oriented album was released in 1967. Here it is for the first time on CD.

Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves ~ Sleeper, Five-By-Two ~ Black Smoke A Blowin’ Over 18 Wheels ~ Truck Daddy ~ Take Me Home ~ Jackknife ~ A Tombstone Every Mile ~ Born To Be A Trucker ~ I’ll Be Goin’ Home To Momma ~ Piggyback Blues ~ Old Sam ~ Truck Drivin’ Fool

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

The Essential
The Best of Red Simpson is a 10 track compilation from Red's Starday recordings with some remakes of his hits.

Hello, I'm a Truck (Re-recording) ~ Highway Patrol (Re-recording) ~ Roll Truck Roll (Re-recording) ~ I Burn up the Roads That I Drive On ~ Old Timer's Advice ~ Endless Black Ribbon ~ I Got a Beaver on My Lap ~ Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves ~ California Turn-Arounds ~ My Name Is Red Simpson

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Roll, Truck, Roll by Red Simpson


Roll, Truck, Roll
Re-released in the U.K. as part of the two on one series in 1999, Red's debut album for Capitol -- Roll, Truck, Roll -- first hit the racks in 1966.  Red's 1966 follow-up LP, The Man Behind the Badge rounds out the 24 tracks.

Johnny Law ~ Bad Man Highway Patrol ~ Under Arrest ~ Sheriff Sam ~ Sidewalk Patrol ~ Workin' For The Highway Patrol ~ Rules Of The Road ~ (Mary Oh Mary) I'm Turnin . . . ~ Highway Patrol ~ 25 Years On ~ City People ~ County Sheriff ~ Truck Drivin' Man ~ Roll Truck Roll ~ Nitro Express ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver ~ Highway Man ~ Motivatin' Man ~ Truck Driver's Blues ~ Big Mack ~ My Baby's Waitin ~ Six Days On The Road ~ Runaway Truck

Buy now at Amazon.com

Click here to listen to Little Joe by Red Sovine

20 All Time Greatest Hits
Released in 2002, 20 All Time Greatest Hits is another repackaging of Red's Starday truck drivin' cuts and was formerly released as "The Best of Red Sovine".

Teddy Bear ~ Daddy's Girl ~ Lay Down Sally ~ Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun ~ Colorado Kool-Aid ~ Giddy-Up-Go ~ Old Rivers ~ The Day of Me and You ~ Little Rosa ~ I Didn't Jump the Fence ~ It'll Come Back ~ Little Joe ~ I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) ~ Last Goodbye ~ Phantom 309 ~ Roses for Mama ~ 18 Wheels a Hummin' Home Sweet Home ~ Anything Leaving Town Today ~ Daddy ~ Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Giddy-up Go by Red Sovine

Giddy-up Go
Released in 1994 by Deluxe, Giddy-up Go has a pair of truckin' songs in addtion to the title track.

Giddy-Up-Go ~ Hitch Hiking Girl ~ Bringing Mary Home ~ I'd Love to Make Love to You ~ Flesh and Blood ~ Wildcat Run ~ I'll Sail My Ship Alone ~ Daddy ~ Lonely Arms of Mine

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Phantom 309 by Red Sovine

Phantom 309
Released on Hollywood in 1987, Phantom 309 has three truckin' cuts in addition to the title track on this offering.

Phantom 309 ~ Honky Tonk Toys ~ Old Piperline ~ Pay Load Daddy ~ Mr. F.C.C. ~ Sad Violins ~ Does Steppin' Out Mean Daddy Took a Walk ~ 1460 Elder Street ~ Big Ben Dorsey the Third ~ Ten Days Out, Two Days In

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Teddy Bear by Red Sovine

Teddy Bear
Released on Deluxe on 1994, Teddy Bear has four truckin' songs in addition to the title cut.

Teddy Bear ~ Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel ~ Where Could I Go But to Her ~ The Prettiest Dress ~ Money, Marbles and Chalk ~ Little Joe ~ Eighteen Wheels (Humming Home Sweet Home) ~ Last Mile of the Way ~ Love Is ~ Long Night

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Hey Driver by Dale Watson

Best Of
Best of The Hightone Years features some of Dale Watson's most requested selections including three trucking favorites.

Hey Driver ~ You Lie ~ Caught ~ Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint ~ Cheatin' Heart Attack ~ Blessed Or Damned ~ Nashville Rash ~ Truckin' Man ~ Tell 'Em I Ain't Here ~ Pity Party ~ I Hate These Songs ~ Cowboy Lloyd Cross ~ Truckstop In La Grange

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Good Luck and Good Truckin' Tonight by Dale Watson and His Lone Stars

The Truckin' Sessions
Released in 1998,  The Truckin' Sessions features 14 tracks written and performed by Dale Watson.

Good Luck 'N' Good Truckin' Tonite ~ Big Wheels Keep Rollin' ~ Heaven in Baltimore ~ Have You Got It On ~ Makin' up Time ~ Flat Tire ~ Drag Along & Tag Along ~ Exit 109 ~ Help Me Joe ~ ...Loose Nut Behind the Wheel ~ You've Got a Long Way to Go ~ Longhorn Suburban ~ I'm Fixin to Have Me a Breakdown ~ I Gotta Get Home to My Baby

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to Truck Drivin' Man by Boxcar Willie

Truck Driving Favorites
Released in 1994, this 12 track collection features many blacktop standards performed by Boxcar Willie.

Freightline Fever ~ Truck Drivin' Man ~ Phantom 309 ~ Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun ~ Six Days on the Road ~ Teddy Bear ~ White Line Fever ~ Girl on a Billboard ~ How Fast Them Trucks Will Go ~ Trucker's Prayer ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ Convoy

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Give Me 40 Acres by the Willis Brothers

24 Great Truck Drivin' Songs
Released in 1987, 24 Great Truck Drivin' Songs by the Willis Brothers (Guy, Skeeter, & Vic) includes a number of rare cuts from their Starday days.

Old Sleeper Cab ~ Alcohol and #2 Diesel ~ Blazing Smokestack ~ Give Me Forty Acres ~ It's the Miles ~ Big Daddy (Is Alabama Bound) ~ Diesel Smoke on Danger Road ~ Rye Whiskey ~ (Cody of the) Pony Express ~ When I Come Driving Through ~ Wheels a Turning ~ Drivin's in My Blood ~ Truck Driving Sam ~ Motorcycle Bill ~ Ode to Big Joe ~ Truck Driver's Blues ~ Highway Patrol ~ Long Haul Weekend ~ Truck Driver's Queen ~ White Lines and Roadside Signs ~ Only Shoulder (A Trucker Can Cry On) ~ Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan ~ Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves ~ Moonlight Ride in a Diesel

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