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With the assistance of a number of merchants, we offer you the opportunity to buy truck drivin' music, videos, & books along with other items through the search engines and banners.  When you make a purchase through the links/banners from this site, the Virtual Truck Route receives a small return that assists in this site's continuation.

Click here to listen to The Jogger by Bobby Bare

Bare's Picks
Released on Edsel (UK), Bare's Picks: The Columbia Years features 19 cuts from a five year tenure with the label.  Bobby selected which tracks would appear on this release.

No Memories Hangin' Round (featuring ROSEANNE CASH) ~ Numbers ~ Tequila Sheila ~ Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go) ~ New Cut Road ~ (I'm Not) A Candle in the Wind ~ The Jogger ~ This Guitar Is for Sale ~ Goin' Up's Easy, Comin' Down's Hard ~ Rock Star's Lament ~ Tecumseh Valley ~ Quaaludes Again ~ Song of the South ~ Summer Wages ~ Let Him Roll ~ The Ol' Swimmin' Hole ~ Goodnight Irene ~ Me and Jimmie Rodgers ~ Greasy Grit Gravy

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Semi Crazy by Junior Brown and Red Simpson

Semi Crazy
Released in 1996, the highlight of Semi Crazy is the pairing of Junior Brown and Red Simpson on the title track.

Gotta Get up Every Morning ~ Darlin' I'll Do Anything You Say ~ I Hung It Up ~ I Want to Hear It from You ~ Semi-Crazy (featuring RED SIMPSON) ~ Hong Kong Blues ~ Venom Wearin' Denim ~ Parole Board ~ Joe the Singing Janitor ~ Surf Medley

Buy It At Amazon.com

Click here to listen to Queen Of The Coast

Not The Tremblin' Kind
Not The Tremblin' Kind from Diesel Only Records features the outstanding talent of Laura Cantrell on a dozen cuts including four songs she wrote.

Not the Tremblin' Kind ~ Little Bit of You ~ Queen of the Coast ~ Pile of Woe ~ Two Seconds ~ Churches off the Interstate ~ The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter ~ Do You Ever Think of Me ~ Big Wheel ~ My Heart Goes Out to You ~ Somewhere, Some Night ~ The Way It Is

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Souvenirs: 25 of the Best by Stompin' Tom Connors features favorites from yesterday and today.

Blue Berets ~ Cross Canada ~ Believe In Your Country ~ Rubberhead ~ Ketchup Song ~ Gumboot Cloggeroo ~ Tillsonberg ~ Red River Jane ~ Hockey Song ~ Suzanne De Lafayette (Aka Girl From Lafayette) ~ Canada Day, Up Canada Way ~ Alberta Rose ~ Bud The Spud ~ Old Flat-Top Guitar ~ Prairie Moon ~ Long Gone To The Yukon ~ Polka Playin' Henry ~ My Home's In Newfoundland ~ I Am The Wind ~ Real Canadian Girl ~ Blue Nose ~ Okanagan Okee ~ Sudbury Saturday Night ~ Shakin' The Blues ~ To It And At It

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

For the Record
Released in 1999, Merle Haggard's For the Record: 43 Legendary Hits features recording of his classic hits along with new duets with Jewel, Alabama, and Brooks & Dunn.

CD 1: Mama Tried (Re-recording) ~ Sing a Sad Song (Re-recording) ~ Swinging Doors (Re-recording) ~ I'm a Lonesome Fugitive (Re-recording) ~ Branded Man (Re-recording) ~ Sing Me Back Home (Re-recording) ~ The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde (Re-recording) ~ Hungry Eyes (Re-recording) ~ Workin' Man Blues (Re-recording) ~ Silver Wings (featuring JEWEL) ~ Okie from Muskogee (Re-recording) ~ The Fightin' Side of Me (Re-recording) ~ Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)(Re-recording) ~ Carolyn (Re-recording) ~ It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) (Re-recording) ~ Everybody's Had the Blues (Re-recording) ~ If We Make It Through December (Re-recording) ~ Old Man from the Mountain (Re-recording) ~ Things Aren't Funny Anymore (Re-recording) ~ Movin' On (featuring BROOKS & DUNN) ~ Always Wanting You (Re-recording) ~ It's All in the Movies (Re-recording)

CD 2: The Roots of My Raisin' (Re-recording) ~ Cherokee Maiden (Re-recording) ~ Ramblin' Fever (Re-recording) ~ I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall (Re-recording) ~ It's Been a Great Afternoon (Re-recording) ~ Footlights (Re-recording) ~ The Way I Am (Re-recording) ~ Misery and Gin (Re-recording) ~ I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink (Re-recording) ~ Rainbow Stew (Re-recording) ~ My Favorite Memory (Re-recording) ~ Big City (Re-recording) ~ Pancho and Lefty (featuring WILLIE NELSON - Re-recording) ~ Are the Good Times Really Over (Re-recording) ~ Going Where the Lonely Go (Re-recording) ~ Let's Chase Each Other Around the Room (Re-recording) ~ A Place to Fall Apart(Re-recording) ~ That's the Way Love Goes (featuring JEWEL) ~ Natural High (Re-recording) ~ Kern River (Re-recording) ~ Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star (Re-recording)

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Kickin' Our Hearts Around by Wanda Jackson

Vintage Collections
Released in 1996, Vintage Collections is a 20 track package showcasing Wanda Jackson's Capitol recordings.

I Gotta Know ~ Silver Threads and Golden Needles ~ Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad ~ Riot in Cell Block #9 ~ Right or Wrong ~ It Doesn't Matter Anymore ~ Kickin' Our Hearts Around ~ Rock Your Baby ~ The Window up Above ~ Fujiyama Mama ~ Let's Have a Party ~ Why I'm Walking ~ Cool Love ~ This Should Go on Forever ~ In the Middle of a Heartache ~ Mean Mean Man ~ Making Believe ~ Kansas City ~ I May Never Get to Heaven ~ Hard Headed Woman

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Act Naturally by Buck Owens

Carnegie Hall Concert
Originally released in 1966 & re-released in 2000, Carnegie Hall Concert features Buck and His Buckaroos (Willie Cantu, Tom Brumley, Don Rich, Doyle Holly) at their best.

Introduction by DJ Lee Arnold (WJRZ, Newark, NJ) ~ Act Naturally ~ Together Again ~ Love's Gonna Live Here ~ Medley: In the Palm of Your Hand/Cryin' Time/Don't Let Her Know/Only You (Can Break My Heart) ~ Medley: I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me)/My Heart Skips a Beat/Gonna Have Love ~ Waitin' in Your Welfare Line ~ Buckaroo ~ The Streets of Laredo (featuring DOYLE HOLLY) ~ I've Got a Tiger by the Tail ~ Fun 'N' Games With Don and Doyle (featuring DON RICH & DOYLE HOLLY) ~ Twist and Shout ~ Medley: Under Your Spell Again/Above and Beyond/Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)/ Foolin Around/Hello Trouble/Truck Drivin' Man

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Billy Parker and Friends
Billy Parker along with some of his friends (Darrell McCall, Jack Greene, & Bill Carlisle) combine their talents on this 20 track collection.

Something Old, Something New (with Jack Greene) ~ Memory Number One ~ Too Many Irons in the Fire ~ Who Said Love Was Fair ~ I Believe I'm Entitled to You (with Bill Carlisle) ~ Milk Cow Blues ~ Tomorrow Never Comes ~ When I Need Love Bad ~ Honky Tonk Girl ~ Love Don't Know a Lady (with Darrell McCall) ~ Take Me Back to Tulsa ~ (Who's Gonna Sing) That Last Country Song (with Darrell McCall) ~ It's Not Me ~ If I Ever Need a Lady ~ I See an Angel Every Day ~ I'll Drink to That ~ Why Do You Keep Calling You Honey, Honey ~ Can I Have What's Left ~ What's a Nice Girl Like You (Doing in Love With Me) ~ One More Last Time ~ Hello Out There

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Love Letters

Love Letters
Leslie Satcher's debut album on Warner Brothers features the self-penned A Man With 18 Wheels.  Emmylou Harris & Alison Krauss join the Texas singer/songwriter on the title track.

Love Letters from Old Mexico ~ Slow Way Home ~ Every Time It Rains ~ Goin' Down Hard ~ It Can't Be Good to Hurt That Bad ~ Ode to Billie Joe ~ A Man With 18 Wheels ~ I Will Survive ~ Burn Me Down ~ Look Who's Talking Now ~ Texarkana (Wide Open Spaces)

Buy It At Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to I've Been Everywhere by Hank Snow

The Essential
Released in 1997, The Essential Hank Snow is a 20 track collection encompassing the career of the Singing Ranger.

Rhumba Boogie ~ I'm Movin' On ~ The Golden Rocket ~ Unwanted Sign upon Your Heart ~ Music Makin' Mama from Memphis ~ The Gold Rush Is Over ~ I Don't Hurt Anymore ~ (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I ~ The Gal Who Invented Kissin' ~ I Went to Your Wedding [Alternate Take] ~ Would You Mind? ~ Lady's Man ~ Yellow Roses ~ Miller's Cave ~ Beggar to a King ~ I've Been Everywhere ~ Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street) ~ Let Me Go Lover ~ Wishing Well (Down in the Well) ~ Hello Love

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to This Woman's Heart

This Woman's Heart
Chalee Tennison's second release on Warner Brothers, This Woman's Heart, features the sentimental Go Back along with 11 other cuts including the title track.

Yes I Was ~ Somebody Save Me ~ I'm Healing ~ Makin' up With You ~ This Woman's Heart ~ Go Back ~ Break It Even ~ We Don't Have Pray ~ What I Tell Myself ~ You Can't Say That ~ I Ain't ~ Under Your Skin

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to I'm A Truck by Red Simpson

Swing West
Swing West! Volume 1: Bakersfield has 20 stellar tracks of the West Coast sound on Capitol.

TERRY PRESTON (aka FERLIN HUSKY): China Doll ~ TOMMY COLLINS: You Better Not Do That ~ JEAN SHEPARD: Crying Steel Guitar Waltz ~ TERRY PRESTON (aka FERLIN HUSKY): Gone ~ JEAN SHEPARD & FERLIN HUSKY: A Dear John Letter ~ JOE MAPHIS & ROSE LEE: Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music) ~ TOMMY COLLINS: What'cha Gonna Do Now? ~ WYNN STEWART: The Waltz Of The Angels ~ FARMER BOYS: Humdinger ~ WYNN STEWART & THE TOURISTS: The Keeper Of The Key ~ ROSE MADDOX: Kissing My Pillow ~ JAN HOWARD: I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again ~ ROSE MADDOX: Conscience, I'm Guilty ~ ROSE MADDOX: Sing A Little Song Of Heartache ~ MERLE HAGGARD & THE STRANGERS: Sing A Sad Song ~ MERLE HAGGARD & THE STRANGERS: Please Mr. D.J. ~ RED SIMPSON: The Highway Patrol ~ BOBBY AUSTIN: Apartment #9 ~ WYNN STEWART: It's Such A Pretty World Today ~ RED SIMPSON: I'm A Truck

Buy now at Amazon.com

Click here to listen to B.J. and the Bear by Greg Evigan

Television's Greatest Hits
Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control features the original versions of 65 television themes from the '70's and '80's including B.J. and the Bear & Movin' On.

Fish ~ Night Court ~ What's Happening? ~ It Takes Diff'rent Strokes (From Diff'rent Strokes) ~ LEON REDBONE: According to Our New Arrivals (From Mr. Belvedere) ~ B.J. THOMAS: As Long as We Got Each Other (From Growing Pains) ~ Charles in Charge ~ Together (From Silver Spoons) ~ Then Came You (From webster) ~ Too Close for Comfort ~ Brand New Life (From who's the Boss) ~ DAVID POMERANZ: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (From Perfect Strangers) ~ LINDA LAVIN: There's a New Girl in Town (From Alice) ~ It's a Living ~ MAUREEN McGOVERN: Angie ~ MARLA GIBBS: There's No Place Like Home (From 227) ~ CYNTHIA FEE: Thank You for Being a Friend (From The Golden Girls) ~ Alf ~ Mork & Mindy ~ Police Squad ~ JOHNNY MATHIS: Without Us (From Family Ties) ~ AL JARREAU: Moonlighting ~ Soap ~ Benson ~ Yakety Sax (From The Benny Hill Show) ~ SID TEPPER: The Young Ones ~ Big One (From The People's Court) ~ Family Feud ~ The Price Is Right ~ Siskel and Ebert ~ Superstar (Heavy Action) (From Monday Night Football) ~ Come With Me Now (From Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous) ~ ERICA GIMPEL: Fame ~ JIM SEALS: Paper Chase ~ Fantasy Island ~ Falcon Crest ~ The Colbys ~ Heaven (From Highway To Heaven) ~ WAYLON JENNINGS: Good Ol' Boys (From The Dukes of Hazard) ~ GREG EVIGAN: B.J. And the Bear ~ MERLE HAGGARD: Movin' On ~ LEE MAJORS: Unknown Stuntman (From The Fall Guy) ~ DAN SEALS: It's All up to You (From James at 15) ~ Eight Is Enough ~ Baa Baa Black Sheep ~ Trapper John, M.D. ~ Chips ~ Vega$ ~ Matt Houston ~ Cagney and Lacey ~ T.J. Hooker ~ Drive (From Hardcastle and McCormick) ~ Hunter ~ Macgyver ~ Knight Rider ~ Airwolf ~ The Incredible Hulk ~ V: The Series ~ GRATEFUL DEAD: The New Twilight Zone ~ Doctor Who ~ Mystery! ~ Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ~ Roots ~ Vietnam: A Television History ~ VANGELIS: Heaven and Hell (From Cosmos)

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

Click here to listen to Girl On the Billboard by Del Reeves

Top Country Hits
Billboard's Top Country Hits 1965 is a 10 track retrospective of original cuts from artists on RCA, Capitol & Mercury.

ROGER MILLER: King of the Road ~ BUCK OWENS & THE BUCKAROOS: I've Got a Tiger by the Tail ~ SONNY JAMES: I'll Keep Holding on (Just to Your Love) ~ DEL REEVES: Girl on the Billboard ~ DAVE DUDLEY: Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun ~ EDDY ARNOLD: Make the World Go Away ~ BUCK OWENS & THE BUCKAROOS: Before You Go ~ SONNY JAMES: Behind the Tear ~ JIM REEVES: This Is It ~ BUCK OWENS & THE BUCKAROOS: Buckaroo

Buy now at Amazon.comBuy It At Amazon.ca

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