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This section focuses on the network and syndicated television series.  Made for televison movies including pilots have been moved to  the movies section.
1940s and 1950s
The first trucking series on television in North America was filmed in Canada and first appeared on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation in 1958 -- Cannonball.
1960s and 1970s
Following a favorable response to the made for television movie In Tandem, Movin' On debuted on NBC in 1974.  Hanna-Barbera's C B Bears followed on CBS in 1977.  BJ and the Bear premiered on NBC in 1979.
1980s and 1990s
The Highwayman hit the airwaves in 1987 on NBC after the airing of a pilot with the same name.
2000s and 2010's
A cable network, TNN, brought the first trucking series of the 21st century to the small screen - 18 Wheels of Justice. Ice Road Truckers which debuted on the History Channel in 2007 is now in its fourth season.
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