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Since Ted Daffan penned Truck Driver's Blues, trucking has been the subject of choice for more than one songriter.
Shel Silverstein

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sheldon Allan Silverstein (September 25, 1932 - May 10, 1999) was a poet, illustrator, author, cartoonist, singer and songwriter.  Shel Silverstein wrote numerous number ones including A Boy Named Sue.

Trucking songs recorded include:

  • Don't Go To Sleep On The Road
  • Somebody Stole My Rig

Trucking songs penned include:

  • Don't Go To Sleep On The Road
  • Mama Take The Road Off Me
  • Six Days Back At Home
  • Somebody Stole My Rig
  • The Jogger
  • There's an 18 Wheeler
  • Truck Driver
  • World's Last Truck Driving Man

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